Historic motorcycle museum
A unique collection of over 70 motorbikes
Historic motorcycle museum
Motorcycles from 1924 - 1980
Historic motorcycle museum
Unique military, sport and utility motorbikes

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Our Story!

y Remigiusz Dancewicz. The collection has been successively developed since 1986. The founder is an avid motorcycle enthusiast from an early age. The museum collection consists of about 70 models of motorcycles, mainly from 1920-1945.

The most valuable machines that can be seen in the exhibition are: Zuendapp EM 250 from 1924; Benelli 500 SV from the late 1930s; NSU 351 from 1936; BSA 500 from 1931, or the French military motorcycle Gnome et Rhône.

Rust Diamonds is a place full of passion, in which the history of motorcycles from all over Europe is accumulated. Many exhibits are real unique items that cannot be seen anywhere else, just like many motoring gadgets that are also waiting for museum visitors.

This is a unique place on the map of Poland, created by motorcyclists for motorcyclists and enthusiasts of historic cars.

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