Hansa Brandenburg C1
Our way to celebrate 100 years of Poland's independence!
Hansa Brandenburg C1
A tribute to Poles fighting for freedom!
Hansa Brandenburg C1
The plane that made the first combat flight in the Polish Army!

Airplane reconstruction Hansa Brandenburg C1 - let's celebrate Poland's independence together!

The reconstruction of the Hansa Brandenburg C1 aircraft, prepared for the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence at the initiative of the Rust Diamonds Museum, is a kind of journey through time.

It was the plane on which the first combat flight of independent Poland was made in 1918.

Undertaking the reconstruction was a great challenge, not only in terms of the size of the aircraft, wingspan, but also the fact that all elements and parts were made by hand, exactly like 100 years ago.

The machine is iconic and the pilots operating it have become aviation icons. Hansa Brandenburg C1 was used both during the Polish-Ukrainian war and free with the Bolsheviks. It can therefore be said that he accompanied Poles on the road to freedom

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